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The Roman Baths in Bath

Most famous of all Bath’s attractions are the Roman Baths themselves, which sit at the epicentre of the historic city. Among the best preserved Roman remains in the world, the baths of Bath are well worth a visit.

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Bath’s position, sitting above natural hot springs, led to the Romans constructing the grand bathing and socialising complex in around 70AD.

A huge 1,170,000 litres of steaming spring water, reaching up to 46°C still fill the baths every day. Visitors can admire The Great Bath and a number of chambers which once housed heated rooms, plunge pools and changing rooms. There is an interactive museum which showcases some of the many Roman treasures found in the area.

Audio guides, available in eight languages, provide a fascinating insight into Roman society and the history of the baths. There is a special English guide narrated by Bill Bryson who shares his witty observations on Roman life. Visitors can also listen to the ancient stories of the Roman costumed characters who patrol the baths from 10am to 5pm.

During July and August the baths are open until 10pm, their ancient stones illuminated by flickering torch light.

Those who want to get a real flavour – literally – of the Roman baths can then head to the Pump Room next door, where they will be offered a sip of the spa water as part of the admission price. Packed with 42 minerals, the spring water is still believed by many to have healing powers.

Further details and booking infomation can be found at the official website – HERE

The Roman Baths are a must see
The Roman Baths: The Great Bath
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