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Why choose a staycation in Bath for your summer holiday

Summer is a magical time to be in the UK. It doesn’t really make sense that so many Brits jet abroad for their holidays in July and August when the weather is at its best. This, surely, is the time of year for the ultimate staycation holiday – save your foreign travels for January and February when you will want to escape overseas.

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath is at its most beautiful when the summer sun is shining upon the sparkling waters of the River Avon and bringing the golden Bath stone to life. The city’s parks and gardens are blooming and happy visitors sit outside the many tempting pubs and cafés watching the world go by.

As one of the most picturesque and historic holiday destinations in the UK, a visit to Bath is a great way to make the most of summer. As well as enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, you can use it as a base from which to explore the stunning countryside that surrounds it with day trips to nearby attractions such as Cheddar Gorge, Wells and Stonehenge.

With a winning combination of urban and rural beauty, history and culture, a staycation in Bath will inspire, amaze and entertain. Now summer is here there really is nowhere we would rather be.

If all this doesn’t persuade you that holidaying in Britain is the way to go, here we list the key advantages to choosing a staycation for your family summer holiday.

Bath is packed with iconic historic buildings
Staycation in Bath: Admire iconic sights like the Royal Crescent

Reasons to choose a staycation in Bath

Natural beauty

Nowhere is more beautiful than the British countryside in summer. We may complain about our wet climate but all that rain results in incomparably green and verdant landscapes throughout the year. The rolling green Cotswold Hills, patchwork quilt fields of Somerset, gnarled ancient woodland, rolling parkland, fertile water meadows and softly flowing rivers like the Avon offer postcard worthy views that are hard to improve upon.

There is no doubt, you can find grander and wilder scenery overseas, higher mountains, bigger rivers, enormous forests, but bigger does not always mean better. It is one of the joys of travelling in Britain that you can experience such a range of landscapes within such small distances. Within an hour of Bath, you can admire the Cotswold Hills, the Mendip Hills, the Somerset Levels, the North Wessex Downs, the River Severn estuary, Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the mountains of Monmouthshire, the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean to name a few.

Bath at dusk
Staycation in Bath: Soak up its natural beauty

Wealth of history and culture

There is a reason that Britain has a booming tourism industry with around 40 million annual visitors – and nearly five million people visiting Bath alone each year. It is because the UK has one of the richest assortments of historical and cultural wonders to visit and admire of any country in the world. Furthermore, as one of only three UK cities with World Heritage Site status, Bath is one of the most historically and culturally iconic places in the UK you could choose to visit. With some of the best preserved Roman remains in the country in the form of the Roman Baths from which it takes its name, the city also boasts a vast array of iconic Regency architecture such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus and Pulteney Bridge and a medieval majesty of Bath Abbey. Then there are museums and galleries to suit every age and taste, stately homes and perfectly preserved parks and gardens, nearby historic towns and villages such as Lacock and Wells and world famous heritage sites such as Stonehenge all within an easy drive.

No flights

Choosing to stay in the UK and visit Bath means you cut out the most stressful and irksome part of any holiday – the flights. No flights means no need for an appallingly early start on your first day of holiday, no worries about delays or forgotten passports, no check-in queues and surly security staff and no cramped three hour flights with overtired cross children. Whether you are driving or taking a bus or train, by holidaying in the UK you can choose to enjoy a relaxed morning, setting off when suits and be settling in at your gorgeous holiday home by mid-afternoon. All the family can the holiday feeling refreshed and happy not sleep deprived, sweaty and irritable.

Bath Abbey is an impressive sight
Staycation in Bath: Explore historic buildings like Bath Abbey

Less travel time

By choosing a staycation it is likely you will significantly reduce your travel time. This is particularly helpful if you have limited holiday allowance and do not wish to devote at least two days to simply getting to your destination and back. A staycation will at most require a car, bus or train journey of a few hours. For those driving, Bath is situated near the crossing of the M4 and M5 motorways so whether you are coming from the east, south, north or west, the journey should never be much more than four hours. There are also direct trains and coaches to Bath from London and many other key UK cities.

Easier with the kids

For all the reasons above and more, a staycation is a great option if you are bringing children along. Young kids do not respond well to long journeys unable to move in car or airplane. As they become increasingly bored and uncomfortable, they often start misbehaving and become increasingly tiresome for their poor parents. This usually results in a stressful and tiring journey for all involved, not helped by a 3am alarm call.

Easy to reach, Bath is a fantastic family holiday destination with endless fun activities to keep the little ones entertained throughout your stay. See our blog on what to do with the kids this summer for more details.

The Roman Baths in Bath
Staycation in Bath: The Roman Baths are a must-see

No language barrier

By staying in the UK you remove the potential for awkward misunderstandings due to language barriers. In Bath the biggest challenge you might face when communicating will be a soft West Country accent.

While some people welcome the challenge of taking on a new language, most of us just want to order a beer or a coffee without mishap. The British are notoriously bad at foreign languages so most of us do not sound smooth or winning but end up babbling incoherently while reddening with embarrassment as we test our broken French or Spanish.

Holiday in the Bath and relax in your native tongue. There’s no doubt, it is a little easier to unwind when you understand what everyone is talking about.

Save money

Holidays are always an expense but by cutting out lengthy travel arrangements and transfers, currency exchange and possibly childcare, a staycation could save you a lot of money. This will leave you with more to spend on the important things such as sightseeing, fun activities, food and drink, enhancing the overall holiday experience. If you choose to stay at one of Panda Sanctuaries’ beautiful Bath holiday rentals, you will have everything you need to create your very own home from home meaning you can also save money by preparing your own delicious dinners rather than relying on hotel or restaurant food. A self-catering house or apartment also gives you the freedom and flexibility to arrange your days as you wish with no need to stick to a hotel timetable.

If all this hasn’t persuaded you that a staycation holiday in Bath is the best option, then have a read through our blogs for inspiration and information on everything the city has to offer. We offer a range of wonderful self-catering properties in Bath, all within a shortly stroll of the city centre, so have a look and find that one that best suits your needs.

If you want to discuss your requirements with one of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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